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ALC Mosaic is a K-12 independent school for self-directed learners. We are an Agile Learning Community that activates explosive learning by harnessing powerful tools for self-organization and intentional culture creation, allowing our students to deeply engage with the world through their passions and strengths. Our learning environment embraces choice & freedom along with collaboration between peers, teachers, and the local community.

The structure of the school allows for students, teachers, and parents to have a voice and take an active role in building the community they want. Please read through the site to learn more about what ALC Mosaic has to offer. Email or call with any questions! We are also hosting a Parent Interest Night in December where you can come and meet our facilitators to learn more about us. 

We are also hosting a larger Open House on Saturday, January 24 for those seeking more general information.


New Parent Interest Night Dates Now Posted

Tuesday, July 28 @ 7pm & Monday, August 24 @ 7pm 

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Summer Camp 2015 Registration is Closed!

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The Agile Roots

The soil we grow from is trustin students, in each other, in you. The four assumptions that ground us are as follows:

1.  Learning: Learning is natural. It’s happening all the time.

2. Self-Direction: People learn best when they make their own decisions. Children are people.

3. Experience: People learn more from their culture and environment than from the material they are taught. The medium is the message.

4. Success: Accomplishment is achieved through cycles of intention, creation, reflection, and sharing.



The ALC model was developed in New York City’s Agile Learning Center (formerly Manhattan Free School). They adapted leading-edge practices used in Agile Software Development and other “lean management” techniques. The model is optimized for ongoing evolution to keep pace with the changing needs of children today. In 2013, Nancy and a group of families started The Mosaic School as a democratic free school. In November of 2013, Nancy found the Agile Learning Center in Manhattan and saw how powerful these practices could be in her community. Throughout 2014, Mosaic gradually integrated the ALC tools and became the second school operating as an Agile Learning Center. The 2015-16 school year begins with a network of schools and homeschool communities, with locations in Manhattan, Charlotte, Asheville, Cupey, PR, and Oahu, Hi. 

The Agile Cycle of Learning



What do you want to accomplish today?

In an Agile Learning Community, we discern and articulate what we want to do, individually and as a group.



What are you going to do about it?

Agile Learners spend their days exploring and inventing – once we know what we want, we create it.



What did you learn from your choices?

Looking back, we develop awareness of what worked and what didn’t, so we can move forward more powerfully.



How can you share it with the world?

We document our work to record, exhibit, and share our experience with others.



We prepare young people for the world they are growing up into by empowering them to actively create it.



We use leading edge tools and culture creation practices to provide students with the maximal support with minimal interference.



We are active collaborators in the ALC Network. We aren’t in this game alone! Check out the growing network of ALCs.

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Featured Video

Check out the founder of ALC Mosaic, Nancy Tilton, speaking at The What if…? Conference in Columbia, MO last spring! She speaks about happiness, “flow,” and her journey starting this school.


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A tax-deductible gift of any amount will help us to invest in our students, our community, and the future of our world. By giving our kids the power to explore their passions, we are investing in the future.

We do not get any government funds and are 100% sustained through tuition and donations. We serve families from all backgrounds, and we never want financial need to keep a child from getting the education they deserve.

We could use any amount of support you could provide to help us continue to employ the best staff, grow our culture intentionally, and give the kids everything they need to be successful learners.



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ALC Mosaic does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, disability, veteran status, or age in the administration of any of its programs, admissions, employment, volunteer selection, or scholarships.