If you are interested in mid year enrollment for the 2017-18 or fall enrollment for the 2018-19 school year, we recommend that you RSVP to one of the two Parent Interest Tours scheduled for February 1st and March 8th below.

Parent Interest Tour RSVP

  • Should I bring my child?

    The Parent Interest Tour is primarily for the parents to see what life at ALC Mosaic looks like -- we want you to know exactly what Self-Directed Education means here so you can make an informed decision. When kids visit Mosaic it is rare for them to not love it, so we need to know if parents are on board first. Choosing to join an ALC and embrace Self-Directed Education will definitely mean you, as a parent, will need to be willing to go on your own de-schooling journey.

    If you have a child who is likely to be in our Branches group (roughly 8 years of age or older) then we encourage you to bring them with you on the tour. If they are younger than 8 and likely to be in our Roots group, then we ask that they not come on the tour. A full visiting week is a necessary part of our enrollment process, which allows all prospective students time to get to experience ALC Mosaic after applying and before enrolling.