Meet Lacy


I’ve spent my entire life in schools as daughter of a schoolteacher, a student and as a teacher myself. It’s an uneven history- from the closing in walls of obligation and pressure to euphoric experiences with communities of writers and learners. I don’t think school is any one thing and wouldn’t name my own time “there” in a singular kind of way. Certainly my path to Mosaic includes a lot of years in traditional educational settings and a lot of that time was spent poking at and sometimes finding permeability in the boundaries of that system.

I value that part of my journey! It has brought me to some amazing experiences
of praxis (reflection + practice) around social justice, community literacies, and play based learning. My ideas about learning borrow from the places mostly on the boundaries of traditional schooling like Waldorf education, Reggio Emilia, critical literacies and the loving history of play in progressive early childhood education especially named by Lillian Katz and Vivian Paley.

My journey to Mosaic has also been filled with a loving community of friends with whom I helped found Mosaic. Through this community I have learned about myself as a mother, about holistic and natural living, learning, teaching and parenting, and about emotional and spiritual connection to self and others.

Before teaching at Mosaic I taught kindergarten and first grade in Charlotte Mecklenburg School for eight years. Through most of my teaching years I have been a Teacher Consultant with the National Writing Project, a network of teachers who share my passion for teaching and learning. In the years after leaving the public school classroom, I taught as a lecturer in Child and Family Studies and the University Writing Program at UNC Charlotte and was Associate Director of the UNC Charlotte Writing Project. I have a bachelor degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from the College of Charleston, a master degree in Child and Family Studies and further graduate studies in Urban Literacies both at UNC Charlotte. I have National Board Certification as an early childhood generalist.

Now facilitating The Roots of Mosaic program I get to take all the ideas that resonate and all the growth from these experiences and play with them as I co-create with children, families and other facilitators!