ALC Mosaic’s #OneCampus

Our future home

Update 12/21/2016:

We have officially purchased 6100 Monroe Road!
(or “The Big White House” as the kids call it)

Our community is thrilled to have this part of the project complete. We are so grateful to all who have supported us to get here!!! Wow!!! Next up is several months of renovations to bring the building to code, then outfitting our space – inside and outside – in a way to best serve the kids. We will still need all the help we can get to add furniture, paint, create outdoor play areas, gardens, and more. Please continue to support us as we raise the rest of the funds we need to complete the change-of-use to Educational Occupancy, move in, and expand our sliding scale tuition model — making us the most accessible independent school in Charlotte.



Our Story…

ALC Mosaic opened its doors in the fall of 2013 with 12 students in a small modular building behind a church parking lot. Within a year we outgrew our space, expanded to a second rental location for older students, opened up an early-childhood program, and partnered with our sister school in NYC to catalyze the Agile Learning Centers Network.

After three years we have nearly 40 students and are once again outgrowing our space. For over a year now, we’ve been envisioning what our future #OneCampus might look like and what it could provide for our community and for the future of Self-Directed Education in Charlotte, and beyond.

In February 2016 we found it! Then, we thought we lost it when the seller decided to go with a different buyer. Miraculously, that shifted in August and we went under-contract for this amazing property.

On December 20, 2016, after months of fundraising, we were able to close on the property. We now have the keys and own our first school campus!



What’s Possible…

Owning this property will make so much possible!

  • Realize our vision: fully age-mixed school and closer-knit community
  • Room to grow: double the size of our school in the next five years
  • Greater connection: host more community events
  • Community outreach: share our space with other social nonprofits in Charlotte
  • Hyper-local food: space for our own chickens and gardens
  • Independence & exploration: a central location with access to public transit
  • Increase accessibility: serve more families for as little as $1,200/year

As it stands right now in the United States, families with enough wealth to pay for private schools have the leverage to demand a say in what type of education their child receives. These families can afford to create their own co-ops, private schools, etc, while families who have less must accept whatever free option is available to them. This is something we actively strive to change.

Families from all economic backgrounds deserve options beyond the default neighborhood public school that marginalize their voice through predetermined curriculum and teaching methods. Families from all backgrounds deserve the opportunity to say “yes” to play-based, self-directed education if that is what they want for their children.

Our school receives no financial support from the government. We have a community of staff committed to only taking the wages they need and families who give generously to provide spaces for other families to attend our school for as little as $100/month.

Moving to this facility will increase enrollment opportunities for all families who want to choose self-directed education for their children.




Features of our future home…

The property at 6100 Monroe Road in Charlotte, NC is unique and quite perfect for our needs. The property has a 3,000+ square foot house built in the 1920’s and an additional 1900+ square foot building erected in 2008, designed specifically for a small church/community gathering space.

The property already has many features that are essential for us to occupy it as a school, however there is still a considerable amount of up-fit work to obtain a certificate of occupancy for educational use. This is where we need your help!!

The purchase of the property has been made possible by three years of careful financial planning, the financial commitment of our families, and one extremely generous donation. Still, the total cost is at the very top of our budget. We need additional support to cover the expected costs associated with obtaining Educational Occupancy.



We need your support…

We are scheduled to begin construction early 2017, and hope to have all renovations complete by late spring. We plan to open for summer camp and begin the 2017-18 school year at this campus. As we begin the construction phase, we hope to continue to raise money to complete the change-of-use for Educational Occupancy and for outfitting the building in the best way possible for the students.

ALC Mosaic is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 
Every gift gets us closer to our goal and to our future #OneCampus!
Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

If you prefer to show us some love via check, please make them out to: ALC Mosaic and send them to:

ALC Mosaic
420 Greystone Road
Charlotte, NC 28209

Thank you so much for helping us make our dreams a reality!

With love and agility,
ALC Mosaic