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July 18 – 22

Ages 7-16 welcome!

Cost: $300/week per child. Some sliding scale options available (see application for more details).

Location:  2101 Belvedere Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205 (our satellite location)

Contact us: info@alcmosaic.org or 704.709.9668

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Summer Camp @ ALC Mosaic

What is Mosaic Summer Camp?

ALC Mosaic is part of nation wide network of Agile Learning Centers (ALC). Once a year, facilitators from each location come together and hold an intensive training for adults. Individuals and start-up groups join us from around the world to learn how to start their own ALC or become an Agile Learning Facilitator (ALF). Together we share, learn, create and refine our tools and practices.

Integral to this program is a summer camp where ALFs gain hands on experience of co-creation with children. The beauty of this experience is that the children in the camp get the benefit of interacting with adults who bring to life a diverse range of offerings and demonstrate how they follow their own passions through self-directed learning.

If you are new to Agile Learning Centers or Mosaic, please view our school video below and read through our website!

How Does it Work?

Everyone is a teacher at Mosaic Summer Camp! Children are asked to share their interests and passions by making an offering and can also sign up for offerings made by other children and adults. In the past, children have made offerings from Tai Chi, to Indian dance to duct tape wallet-making. The possibilities are endless!

When children are not part of an offering, they can choose how they spend their time as long as they hold community agreements around safety, care for others, and respect for the space and materials.

Check out the details below to see how we schedule offerings and what each day looks like. Children have ample support to create a camp experience that works for them. Many campers attend our school and are able to support new campers in using our tools and practices. This camp is ideal for children who want to have ease, freedom, and choice integrated into their summer!


Get to Know Our Students and ALFs at Mosaic!

The Details

What does summer camp look like? By the start of camp, we may decide to alter a few of our structures based on feedback from students and ALFs. We continuously evolve and adjust our model to better serve our communities. That said, a typical week has this basic structure:

On Monday of the week we hold a Set The Week* meeting. This is where children and adults schedule offerings for classes/activities/games/crafts/experiences. We populate a daily schedule board for when and where the offerings will take place. Highlights from camp last year included choreographed dance, plays, soccer matches, collaborative building and exploration in Minecraft worlds, face-painting, slacklining, music jams, blacksmiting, and much more. These are just a few examples of what is possible based on what the facilitators and campers bring to Set The Week.

9:30am Meeting in Small Groups aka Spawn Points*: In stand up we, state our intentions for the day, make announcements, and request any support needed from others.

10-2:45pm The Magic: This is when we  engage in scheduled offerings and/or spontaneous activities.

2:45pm Reflection in Spawn Point* In our small groups, we check in and reflect on what we did with our day.

3pm Clean Up*

3:15pm Whole Group Reflections & Gratitude*

*Required attendance. Students may pick and choose which offerings to attend and how else they spend their time, however they must participate in our morning and afternoon meetings and also help clean up the school each day.

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Agile Learning

Education and play for the 21st century.

The Agile Roots

Agile Learning is rooted in a few basic ideas:

Learning: Learning is natural. It’s happening all the time

Self-Direction: When people make their own decisions, they learn better. (And children are people!)

Purpose: People develop their strengths through cycles of intention, creation, and reflection.

Engagement: People learn more from the culture and environment they are provided than from the material they are taught.

Accomplishment: The 21st century world demands the creation of visible, shareable value as evidence of learning.


The Agile Learning methodology was developed in New York City’s Agile Learning Center (formally Manhattan Free School). Based on the techniques used by cutting edge software development companies and other “agile” groups. It was adapted to suit the ever changing needs of children in the 21st century.

In 2013, Nancy and a group of families started The Mosaic School as a democratic free school. In November of 2013, Nancy found the Agile Learning Center in Manhattan and saw how powerful these practices could be in her community. Throughout 2014, Mosaic gradually integrated the ALC tools and became the second school operating as an Agile Learning Center.
The 2014-15 school year begins with a network of schools and homeschool communities, with locations in Manhattan, Charlotte, Chatham, NY, and Everett/Seattle.

The Agile Cycle of Learning



We create space for you child to set daily and weekly intentions. How will they play today, what goals do they have for the week? At Mosaic your child is empowered to take ownership over their play.



Children spend the majority of their time creating. Be it playing a game or working together to put on a dance performance or work on an art project, your child is given the space to express their creativity.



Once the day is done we open space for your child to reflect on their intentions and creations. It is this fundamental step that illuminates the power of setting goals and achieving them.

Agile Learning Facilitators

Parents and staff working together.