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About CLT Bike Camp

The CLT Bike Camp is geared for young riders who are eager to gain independence, learn new skills and build confidence on their bikes while exploring our amazing city! Riders will learn the essentials of safe riding, bicycle maintenance and route planning and will be able to practice riding techniques in a safe, supportive environment. Our skills will be put to good use on daily adventure rides that expose campers to range of local, natural and community offerings.



The Details

Weekly Intentions

Explore Natural Charlotte                                                           June 20-24, 2016 

Week One of the CLT Bike Camp is focused on exploring some of Charlotte’s natural areas by bicycle. We will explore Charlotte’s growing trail system, support our local community gardens and learn about Charlotte’s indigenous plants and animals. Each day will include bicycle maintenance and safety, mapping and route planning and cycling skills. 

Explore Urban Charlotte                                                               June 27-July 1, 2016 
Week Two will be focused on exploring the city on our bicycles and building a sustainable urban community. We will visit some of Charlotte’s child friendly Bicycle Benefit locations, volunteer with local sustainable initiatives such as the Recyclery, and meet with local community developers, planners and advocates. Each day will include bicycle safety and maintenance, mapping, route planning and cycling techniques. 




Week One – Monday June 20- Friday June 24, 2016

Week Two – Monday June 27-Friday July 1, 2016




The Vine Church, 2101 Belvedere Ave, Charlotte NC 


$325/week per child

*Some scholarships available. Please see the summer camp application.

Additional Information

**We are unable to guarantee bikes at this time. Applicants must have their own bike and already know how to ride.**




 I have worked with children  for the past 16 years and am very passionate about alternative learning.  Currently I’m a Teaching Assistant at Park Road Montessori.  I’ve been in that position for the past twelve years and have often described it as the best job and workplace I’ve ever had.

Last fall at my school I started a biking group that bikes from Freedom Park to school (and home) every Friday.  We call it Bicycle Friday.  Since then I’ve got to mix together two of my favorite things; bikes and education.  Our group has grown since the beginning, and we now have about 20 regular members and have had up to 30 children present at a ride.  At our school we’ve worked on bike safety and maintenance and riding etiquete.

I was excited last spring to be part of a group that talked about children’s bicycle safety and was glad when this camp idea blossomed from that meeting.  I’m really excited to be part of this Charlotte First, and hope to have a great and safe bicycle camp.



I moved to Charlotte in 2014 and have loved living here the past two years. I am a facilitator at ALC Mosaic, a magical school where I learn and play with inspiring people. At ALC Mosaic I am able to combine my dedication and love for biking and education. 

I have traveled around the country working with bikes and children since I graduated from college in 2012. For two summers after graduation I rode with CoCycle, an organization developed by my peers that combined educating ourselves about cooperative businesses while bicycling across country. This experience had a great impact on me and sparked my interest in linking bicycles with experiential, self-directed education.

At Mosaic I lead rides and work with students on bike mechanics at the Recyclery. My bike has brought me incredible experiences and relationships. I wish to share this at CLT Bike Camp this summer!



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