Can we support young people in developing habits and tools that nurture intentional, consistent efforts toward a more socially-conscious, love-centered norm than what we’re experiencing in communities and government today?

We surely can, and Akilah S. Richards believes that unschooling is one way we can do this! And when this Self-Directed Education option is accessible to more people—particularly the most marginalized among us—families will be able to counteract and even avoid forcing children down the coercive, emotionally damaging, and often anti-black nature of standard American education system.

During this discussion, the author and unschooling activist will read an excerpt from one of her Raising Free People essays, then facilitate open dialogue about the ways we can recognize, disrupt, and shed oppressive parenting and education ideas. The goal is to leave each participant with ideas and inspiration to develop more liberatory, emotionally-sustainable means of living and learning together.